What are your Products made of?

We supply products made from a range of different materials. The majority of our products are made from durable Fiberglass Resin.  Some of our items, especially the large photo ops and seats have steel reinforcements for strong support. We also use materials such as fabric and leather to decorate certain products such as thrones, please see the product description for specific details.

We also supply products made from Resin, Metal, Plush and Vinyl.

How are your Products made?

All our products are hand-crafted. Once the product has been designed, a mold is cast using a fiberglass mixture. Once hardened, it is released from the mold to be smoothed and emphasise the details of the product. The product is then hand painted and stored until the drying process is complete.

Are your Products suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, our products are designed for both indoor and outdoor venues. We do however have products with upholstery that are suitable for indoor use only, see product description for specific details.

What happens if an item gets scratched?

We use a 2-component urethane paint. This type of paint can be found in most hobby shops to do small repairs. All fiberglass product can be easily repaired if a slight damage occurs over time, we would suggest using car body repair paste and then touch up with the recommended paint.

Do you have a Showroom?

We have a 20,000 sq.ft showroom with over 1,000 products on display. All areas are fully themed and is a must visit for customers who are serious about creating an impact. We are continuously sourcing and adding new products to our range which can be seen first hand in our showrooms.

We are situated in Northern Ireland’s countryside, less than a 30-minute drive from either Belfast International or City airport. Contact the office to arrange your showroom appointment.


Standard delivery timescale is 3-5 working days from receipt of payment.

Over-sized delivery timescale can be up to 10 working days.

Over-sized deliveries will require the delivery address to have arctic access and a forklift.